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The Internship Program for EIKFU Students
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Every student of Yelabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University has a chance to become an intern and a member of Alabuga International School staff regardless of the faculty, the year and form of study! Internship applications are accepted during the entire year. To participate in the program all candidates need to pass screening procedure at Аlabuga International School.

Description and Duration of Internship Stages:

Stage 1 – Completion of Google-questionnaire
A student completes Google-questionnaire, filling in personal information (full name, faculty, the year of study, contacts, interests) and defining one area of work that excites him/her most).

Stage 2 – Assessment Interview at Alabuga International School (AIS)
Once Google- questionnaire is completed a student gets an e-mail with a school information package (strategy, references to IB, STEM- and other education programmes the school implements. It is followed by invitation to interview at AIS.

Stage 3 – Unsalaried Internship (2 months)
A student-candidate who proved himself during the interview starts with project work within internship program at non-study time (directions: assisting in actual classes, robotics, biotechnologies, chemistry, design-thinking, emotional intelligence, languages, chess and etc).

Stage 4 – Project Presentation/Defense
At the end of second month a student-intern defenses his/her project demonstrating the results of work performed. HR Department of SEZ “Alabuga” makes an estimation of the student’s work against expectations and criteria of the school and corporate culture of the Company.
A student is awarded with AIS internship completion certificate.

Stage 5 – Salaried Internship (2 months)
In case the Stage 4 is successfully passed a student is employed to intern position.

Stage 6 – Employment
A student who proved his/her performance and personal interest by proper work is employed as an AIS regular staff member.
If you are interested, follow the link and pass registration procedure, leaving your contact details, and we will contact you shortly!

Our last year experience:

1. 60 participants out of 200 potential candidates passed screening for assessment-interview at AIS.
2. 12 of them progressed to the next stage of internship.
3. 5 best students-interns made their way into AIS regular establishment and received permanent employment with the salary increase by more than 3 times.

The students had a chance to upgrade their skills by participating in advanced trainings and workshops during their internship period.


Elvina Nazifova
“A goal-oriented person finds the means, and when fails creates them”.

IB Coordinator
Functions: recruitment, coordination of international relations, coordination and application for IB MYP authorization in IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization), Switzerland.

Professional Development: workshop on "Development of Social-Emotional Learning, Critical and Creative Thinking Skills" from Educare, training on New Zealand curriculum -  Te Whāriki, “Implementing the MYP curriculum” workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“This program gave me a chance to build an interesting project work in education. I learnt how to work in multi-task environment. While recruiting foreign faculty and volunteers I set an international activity in school for advanced practice studies. My job entails continuous communication, negotiations, meeting challenges and thinking outside the box”.

Tatyana Akhunova
“The world around is built by us”.

Foreign Programs Methodologist
Functions: work with international publications focused on investigation of advanced methods and educational programs; purchasing books, journals and e-literature for AIS students; promoting reading culture among students and giving insight into advanced online resources.

Professional Development: workshop on "Development of Social-Emotional Learning, Critical and Creative Thinking Skills" from Educare, training on New Zealand curriculum.
“I started my project on robotics at AIS when a student of Yelabuga Institute of KFU. By the beginning of a new academic year I was proposed to lead methodological work in the school library. Owing to the experience gained I managed to make my personal breakthrough’.

Niyaz Gainutdinov
“Success is to have something done before it's too late!”

PE Instructor-Sports Event Manager

Functions: running corporate competitions for SEZ “Alabuga” employees, regular PE classes for AIS students, managing municipal competitions at school and in the nearest future – republican ones!

Professional Development: workshop on "Development of Social-Emotional Learning, Critical and Creative Thinking Skills" from Educare, training on New Zealand curriculum, IB workshop on “Implementation of IB programs in PE classes”, Moscow.