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Graduates Certified in Biotechnology and Chemistry

Graduates Certified in Biotechnology and Chemistry

A program in Biotechnologies and Chemistry has been developed within “Chemistry and Biotechnology” concept implementation. 

A course in Biotechnology will cover the following areas: 
- Classical Biotechnological Processes (Fermentation); 
- Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; 
- Preventive Healthcare (Health Hygiene) and Therapy; 
- Nutritional Biotechnology and Nutritiology; 
- Aquaculture; 
- Agricultural Agrobiotechnology: plants and animals;  
- Ecobiotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology: Bioremediation, Waste Treatment, Geomicrobiology; 
- Forensic Biotechnology; 
- Energetic Biotechnology; 
- Genetic Engineering (bioengineering of proteins, genes, genomes, cloning, hybridization); 
- Bionics; 
- Biotechnology of deserts and arid areas; 
- Bioinformatics; 
- Basics of patenting, publications writing; 
- Basics of protection against bioterrorism, bioweapons, biological crimes. 

In Chemistry program apart from General and Organic Chemistry special consideration is given to such modules as: filtration, extrusion and properties of substances. 

Education is based on project method. Children explore new concepts, laws and reactions in practice: undertaking experiments and performing laboratory works. 

Students are active in taking on projects with the experience of teachers and engineers of resident-plants of SEZ “Alabuga” used. 

Competences in Chemistry, developed in AIS students, ensure implementation of the school strategy with the idea of nurturing happy and competitive young people – engineers of the future, at the core of it.

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