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Development of critical thinking

Development of Critical Thinking soft skill

Critical thinking

The child has to make many decisions every Day:

- what clothes to wear?

- what kind of food to choose in the store or cafe while traveling with the class?

- do your homework at a productive time for mental activity or postpone until late in the evening?

Our mission is to grow competitive, confident, thinking and making independent decisions citizens. Citizens capable of making the best of many decisions for themselves and others.

The training program for the development of critical thinking allows the child to master the following skills:

Ability to determine the position of another person, his arguments and conclusions 

Ability to assess evidence of an alternative position

Ability to impartially and objectively evaluate opposing arguments and evidence

Ability to identify wrong and false opposites, see pitfalls, read between the lines

The ability to recognize the techniques used to make a particular position more attractive than others, for example, all sorts of ways of persuasion or false logic

Ability to think in an organized way and complement the process of thinking with logic and insight

Ability to determine the validity and validity of conclusions, guided by reasonable assumptions and solid evidence

The ability to summarize information and combine judgments about evidence to form their own opinion

Ability to present your point of view in a reasonable, organized and convincing manner

Literature, recommended reading:

1. R. Thaler " Push. Architecture of choice".

2. T. Chatfield " Critical thinking: analyze, doubt, form your opinion”.

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For us, it is important to think of the child, free from stereotypes, imposed ideas and opinions