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Certified in design thinking (d.school / Launch cycle course)

Graduates certified in design thinking

Design thinking as everyday practice in AIS

We implement programs for the development of design thinking from an early age, using the methods of Stanford University high school, the program "run cycle" in both interdisciplinary integration and in the course of regularly organized leadership tournaments.

Grade class 1-class 3 develop in the classroom unique animals that are able to adapt to any climatic conditions, older Children create projects aimed at creating a comfortable and safe environment in the school. Using design thinking techniques, students perform risk assessments in and around the school. They explore the area, identify dangerous areas and develop ideas to improve their safety, reflecting the results of work in school projects.

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Methods of design thinking like "Interview", " What? How? Why?", "Empathy map", "prototype for solution", "quadrant test", AIS AIS In designing unique holiday gifts. Children work in pairs, acting for each other as users, and at the end of the work each student receives an individual gift, focused on his personal interests.  

Unique feeders Development, fully adapted to the birds of our area, the creation of models of wallets that meet the needs of the user-projects on which students will work AIS, using the methods of design thinking.

Literature, recommended reading:

1.Lidaka Jeanne, and Tim Ogilvie “Think like a designer”

2.Guru Madhavan " Think like an engineer”

3.Michael Michalko “Hacking creativity ”

4.Zhuravlev, Kutinova “Design thinking,think in new ways”

5.Tim brown " Design thinking in business

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