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A-level and Mathematics (Cambridge Primary Math, A-level oriented Math, Physics and Mechanics)

A-level Math

Mathematics A-level

Enhanced mathematical curriculum, focused on compliance with the level of the British a-level program, the most ambitious of the world's recognized systems of training of school graduates, involving increased goals, a rigid system of intermediate tests, as well as, in the case of high results – intensive self-training.

The content of international a-level exams is traditionally beyond the scope of any school program, and in the assessment, along with the correct answers, the logic of reasoning and the choice of the solution method are important, which minimizes the probability of accidental successful passing of such an exam.

Using Cambridge Curriculum allows you to work out the necessary skills in detail, building them into a chain of educational goals and gradually achieving each of them.

Our team conducts intermediate assessment tests to monitor and track the student learning process.

The close Association of mathematics with engineering subjects such as biology, physics, chemistry and robotics provides the most comprehensive insight into the skills and competencies that our students acquire.

All disciplines, including mathematics, are conducted using modern developments of Soft competencies, such as Critical thinking, Emotional intelligence and Design thinking, which allows students to fully disclose their potential and find non-standard solutions to problems.