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Robotech and STEM

Graduates certified in the sphere of robotic engineering

Graduates are certified in the field of robotics

We have incorporated robotic content into the academic IB curriculum, both as an interdisciplinary component and as a project activity.

We implement internationally recognized STEM education programs (science – science, technology – technology,engineering – engineering, math – mathematics) starting from an early age.

In secondary and high school will be trained on educational programs certified by world manufacturers of equipment Kuka, Siemens, FESTO, etc. on authentic industrial equipment.

As part of the implementation of the STEM concept, the international school has developed a robotics training program that combines and integrates the main areas studied in the framework of applied industrial robotics: Algorithmics, programming, including programming of controllers, development of mechanical systems. The program is based on the direct application of knowledge in practice immediately after receiving it. To do this, each topic studied is included in a case-specific project that students implement, applying the knowledge gained.

The development of the engineering part of the projects involves the direct participation of students in the process of creating structures. Using the experience of teachers and engineers working at the plants-residents of SEZ "Alabuga", students develop the concept of construction, study the implementation of technical details and design of individual units, choose the optimal materials for the manufacture of structures.

The robotics training program is divided into modules such as mechatronics, electrical engineering, automatic control systems. In the process of studying each module, students receive theoretical knowledge, which subsequently form a deep understanding of the principles of engineering systems, which gives ample opportunities for creativity and the creation of functional and applicable designs.

The development of competences in the field of Algorithmics and programming is integrated into the process of mastering each module. Using online resources for modeling electrical systems, such as TinkerCad, students learn how to build electrical circuits correctly, master the programming of modern widely applicable controllers, such as Arduino. Both graphical languages such as Scratch, the graphical programming interfaces of Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorms control units, and modern scripting programming languages such as Python are used to teach programming. An integral part of the development of students is training in the technique of blind printing, which will allow in the future to avoid difficulties in the process of working with a computer.

One of the students ' own developments is the concept of a hygienic wastebasket, which works when the hand is raised, providing protection from contact with dirty surfaces and implementing the concept of future smart homes.

In General, the robotics program is focused on the development of knowledge and skills that will later be applied to work with real production systems. The program includes modules developed with the direct participation of the world's leading manufacturers of robotic systems such as Kuka, Festo, Krauss Maffei. Competencies in the field of robotics, developed by students of the school, ensure the implementation of the development strategy of the school, the key position of which is the development of happy and competitive engineering students of the future.