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Engineering Mentors

Engineering Mentors

Alabuga International School has been implementing a new strategy aimed at developing engineering thinking skills from the early age (Early Age STEM Education) since September 2018. During the morning hours as an extension of the IB interdisciplinary program in English our students study Maths, Robotics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, develop their emotional intelligence, critical and design thinking skills based on targeted programs being acknowledged and developed for early age students..

The program is divided into six week units with a series of assessments and a final project at the end of each, where 70% of content is presented by the STEM-component: calculations, processes, cost-effectiveness analysis, designing, microcontroller programming, electric circuit, robot construction kits.

We believe that apart from the faculty members a school needs successful representatives of real sectors (business, production, science) teaching at school (being mentors and inspirers) those who are «burning» with enthusiasm towards own business and represent an example of success story..

In December 2018 while visiting the best STEM schools in the US we noted that they apply the similar approach, most of the States have the Next Generation Science Standards approved for children from 1 year old, while in California schools they have space field specialists, Hollywood people as well as electronics engineers, i.e. future employers of very young children, teaching at school twice a week.

Being guided by these principles and as agreed with the management of SEZ residents, in school year 2018 – 2019 we employed the first 4 engineers from SEZ “Alabuga” resident plants to teach our students engineering disciplines which will enable them to make their projects more thorough and advanced (Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry and Biotechnology, Mechatronics, Automated Control Systems, Instrumentation, Industrial Automated Process Systems, Programming etc.).

Apart from children inspired, our school acquired the real experts in technical education who can be consulted with at any time by every school teacher to get the real situation of things. The classes are held together with AIS homeroom teachers and team teachers.

Our mentors of future engineers:

1. Niyaz Galimardanov, chief system administrator in “Belaya Dacha”; 2. Bulat Sakhabiev

Within the Week without walls program our school was visited by Artem Liebig, the chief engineer of “RMA Rus” LLC, a pipeline equipment company. In course of interactive masterclass Mr. Artem brought to light the lean production basics and Kaizen philosophy principles that involve a 5S system implemented in TOYOTA manufacturing in Japan. AIS students now are ready to give a reply that 5S is a lean production instrument comprising such components as “sorting”, “setting in order”, “shining”, “standardizing” and “sustaining”. Further cooperation with Artem Liebig is in plans of AIS.

Apart from this project AIS team acts as a kind of R&D Education Center that implements a number of other projects. With a view to develop engineering human resources in the nearest time, SEZ Alabuga in cooperation with Yelabuga Engineering College opens a Targeted Industrial and Educational Center to educate specialists of Mechatronics, Electric Engineering, Automatic Process Control System and Chemistry. Within the frames of this work we are planning to launch production of toys for children where the students will undertake an internship and will work during the senior years of university. The students of Targeted Industrial and Educational Center will pursue dual education studies: most of the time they will be engaged on process sites.
There will be a robotics center opened within the school area to welcome up to 3000 students of Yelabuga Municipal District aged from 5 to 6 years.


System Administrator

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“As soon as I heard about the opportunity to diversify my work and start transferring my skills through teaching children – I was ready to venture on it! After all, children are our future.

I would like to share my impressions: I have to be at school for several times a week and shift my work –changing the type of activity helps me to gain a vast experience. During the first classes I felt uneasy with no practice of teaching since university years. When planning my classes I pursued only one aim – not to “pump up” children with information but to recall them to a sense of self-dependence: to think and act on their own, and not just get information already prepared. In a half a year period I realized how a child shall be individually approached to get his/her skills developed. Now I can see the primary outcome – it is the desire to create and perceive information.

I wish I could bring myself to teaching earlier – it’s the only thing I regret!”


   It's really exciting to work with children.
   Children are amazing, they give a powerful positive impulse.
   Working with children is a very important process, which must be well-organized.
   I like to prepare lessons for them, I like their involvement in the process.
   That's why I look forward to going to lessons and I love children.
   My mission is transferring a knowledge and raise thinking students.