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AIS Students’ Insight into the Ancient Philosophy of Kaizen
What does lean production mean? How to optimize the space around you, to cut time off the daily routine and increase time for your favorite activities?

These issues were discussed with Artem Liebig, the chief engineer of “RMA Rus” LLC, a pipeline equipment company, and AIS students within the frames of Week Without Walls program. In course of interactive masterclass Mr. Artem brought to light the lean production basics and Kaizen philosophy principles that involve a 5S system implemented in TOYOTA manufacturing in Japan.

AIS students now are ready to give a reply that 5S is a lean production instrument comprising such components as “sorting”, “setting in order”, “shining”, “standardizing” and “sustaining”.

Our children show high interest for 5S and are actively mastering lean production system at their school places. The system has started to be implemented in the school canteen and classrooms.  
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