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AIS Students Tackling Global Issues
This week our Grade 6 students held the IB PYP Exhibition being a significant and culminating event of inquiry activity in primary school. IB PYP Exhibition marks transition from IB PYP to IB MYP.
The students presented personal and group projects as the solution to real problems and challenges of the local and global scale. The ideas proposed incorporated small inquiries based on data collecting and empathy, economic evaluation, efficiency/invention as well as scientific and technological constituents.
AIS students brought up such problems as water pollution, waste management, as well as issues related to the pension system in Russia, homeless animals and school bulling proposing their own solutions.
Our school hosted guests from international schools of Kaluga, Perm and Kazan, representatives of  the local Department of Education and kindergartens, residents of SEZ “Alabuga” and an IB and CIS expert invited to participate in our first IB PYP Exhibition.
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