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ECO gifts for the International Women’s Day


Press Service of the MENR of the RT reported: All men including young defenders of Grade 1 from the school located in «Tri Medvedya» cottage settlement of Yelabuga are making arrangements for the International Women’s Day. They have prepared unusual gifts for their teachers and girls-classmates— eco bags with author signatures. A master-class on making gifts from eco-friendly materials for AIS students was given by the inspectors from Kama Territorial Department, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Republic of Tatarstan.

«Every citizen wants the things used in everyday life to be not harmful to his health and the environment. Environmentally-friendly materials are becoming more and more popular. Their negative effect on the environment is minimum or zero. These materials meet the „green“ standard and enable us to save such resources as water and energy. One of the main environmental performance indicators is an ability to ultimately decompose in nature. Only a small part of materials have these characteristics. It’s wood, rock, silk, felt, cotton and natural leather», — as students were informed by the ecologists. «Eco bags made of the safe material can be used for any purposes. Girls can take them for a walk, trip, to a shop or school. And they would be sure that there is no harm from these things as they rather benefit the environment», — the boys shared their impressions.

Source: http://eco.tatarstan.ru/rus/index.htm/news/862214.htm
Name: Press Service of the MENR of the RT

ECO gifts for the International Women’s Day

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