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IB PYP Exhibition
PYP Exhibition in AIS is soon to be held on May 31 from 10 to 12 pm. Our students are preparing to share with you their projects and research. Here are the project descriptions.

-Bullying Issue - Mark, Denis and Timur are learning about bullying. They are trying to identify the causes for bullying, and look at some solutions for ending bullying in school.
-Homeless animals - Evelina and Milana are trying to find ways to help homeless dogs and cats. They have built an automatic cat feeder to place outside.
-Pension Problems – Nariman, Ilyas, Sophia, and Amina are researching Russia’s pension system. They are trying to figure out if the pension is large enough to live on.
-Water pollution - Nastya and Alara have been researching water pollution. They are concerned about clean drinking water in the future. They have started to raise money and to learn about the effects of water pollution.
-Orphanage Organization - Madina and Ela have started an organization to raise money for a local orphanage. They designed a website and raised money locally and from foreign donors They visited a local orphanage to identify what purchases they should make.
-Trash and recycling – Semion has been researching what happens to trash in Russia. He has looked at what countries recycle and what countries throw away the most the trash. He is trying to create a recycling program for Tri Medvedya.
We are looking forward to seeing you in AIS for an amazing project exhibition  
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