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International Mother Language Day 2023
<b>International Mother Language Day</b>, proclaimed by the UNESCO General Conference on November 17, 1999, has been celebrated annually since 2000 on <b>February 21</b> with the aim to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.<br>
According to the UN, there are about 7,000 languages in the world, of which over 2,500 are endangered. All steps to promote mother tongues foster solidarity based on mutual understanding, tolerance and dialogue.<br>
As part of the event, <b>AIS </b>organized a whole journey through the regions of<b> the Russian Federation</b>, which includes about 194 ethnic groups. Improvised school airlines traveled with students to the following destinations: Khanty-Mansiysk, Udmurtia, Mordovia, Chuvashia, Karelia, Jewish autonomous district, Tatarstan, Moscow, and Yakutia.<br>
Upon arrival to the subject, students learned facts about the region from a representative of <b>the folks</b> - a famous scientist, conducted scientific experiments.<br>
So, for example, the representative of <b>Tatarstan</b> was the famous chemist <b>Alexander Mikhailovich Butlerov.</b> Students conducted an experiment on paper chromatography. Using this simple and accessible demonstration, students learned about the principles of chromatography and how it is used in analytical chemistry to separate and purify mixtures of substances.<br>
<b>The results</b> of the trip can definitely be considered cultural enlightenment, initiation into linguistics, and an introduction to the geography of the country.
Other news

IB Student Conferences: Opportunities for Empowerment

Student conferences within IB PYP programme were held at AIS to reflect the students’ progress in academic disciplines and core competencies under the new school strategy on April 10-11.

Students of KG1 - Grade 2 and their parents participated in the Three-Way Conferences that involved three parties: students, parents and teachers. The conference participants discussed students’ progress and achievements emphasizing on the strengths and areas for improvement as well as setting future goals for the next academic year and the ways to assist in their attainment. AIS students shared their thoughts and ideas on inquiries conducted, assessed their role in inquiry activities, demonstrated the works, selected by them well in advance with the teacher’s support, and their portfolios.

The format of Student Led Conferences for Grade 3 - Grade 6 allowed the students to arrange and run conferences on their own. The student portfolio was the main focus of the conferences as it compiles many great examples from different units of inquiry. It gives the students the chance to take full ownership of their work while making their parents proud of all that they have done throughout the year.

The days of student conferences turned to be special for the entire school community and gave our students the unique opportunities for empowerment and engagement. We would like to express gratitude to all AIS families for taking the time to recognize the full worth of a strong IB education!