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Inventions of scientists during the Second World War
The Assembly of 30th of April 2021 has been dedicated to the Great Victory. The school’s strategy of engineering thinking development was a leading line through the projects presented by students telling about soviet scientists inventions during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Among this projects are the carbinol glue by soviet chemist Ivan Nazarov, which made possible to glue almost all materials together and soldiers could fix machines in field conditions. The glue helped to fix up accumulator jars, fuel tanks and set in order breached cars, tanks and planes. With the lead of soviet metal scientist Andrey Bochvar the low-density alloy zinc silumin was created which was used for production of military equipment engines. With help of inventions of physical scientists Igor Kurchatov and Anatoly Aleksandrov effective methods for protection against German magnetic mines were created. As a result no one of soviet ships was exploded on these mines. The first portion of domestic penicillin was worked out by soviet microbiologist Zinaida Yermolyeva in 1942. The mass production of antimicrobial agent reduced the causality state among injured soldiers for the reason of blood poisoning. The students also got acquainted with investigations for aviation, military equipment, radiolocation and communication, oil extraction that made a huge contribution to fight for the Victory.  
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IB Student Conferences: Opportunities for Empowerment

Student conferences within IB PYP programme were held at AIS to reflect the students’ progress in academic disciplines and core competencies under the new school strategy on April 10-11.

Students of KG1 - Grade 2 and their parents participated in the Three-Way Conferences that involved three parties: students, parents and teachers. The conference participants discussed students’ progress and achievements emphasizing on the strengths and areas for improvement as well as setting future goals for the next academic year and the ways to assist in their attainment. AIS students shared their thoughts and ideas on inquiries conducted, assessed their role in inquiry activities, demonstrated the works, selected by them well in advance with the teacher’s support, and their portfolios.

The format of Student Led Conferences for Grade 3 - Grade 6 allowed the students to arrange and run conferences on their own. The student portfolio was the main focus of the conferences as it compiles many great examples from different units of inquiry. It gives the students the chance to take full ownership of their work while making their parents proud of all that they have done throughout the year.

The days of student conferences turned to be special for the entire school community and gave our students the unique opportunities for empowerment and engagement. We would like to express gratitude to all AIS families for taking the time to recognize the full worth of a strong IB education!