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On the Way to Get CIS Accreditation
AIS keeps on moving to get accreditation of the Council of International Schools and these days hosts a CIS inspector. Christopher Maggio is here within the special visit that measures our school's readiness to undertake the Self-study process.

The CIS evaluator has been experiencing the school life for two days: getting to know the faculty, administrators and parents, studying AIS polices and other documents that regulate the school activity, and attending lessons. With the clear picture of how the school works, Christopher pointed out directions that need to be followed and gave recommendations for the school improvement. Within the workshop participated by all faculty and admin staff members he gave a detailed description of CIS requirements and standards for international schools. The workshop participants were given some tasks to identify commitment of the school operation, teaching and learning processes to international standards as well as areas for improvement.

The most important part of the whole accreditation cycle is going to happen next. We will have to carry out a self-study, prepare and implement a self-improvement plan with consideration for recommendations received and outline the results in a Self-Study Report.
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