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Science Octoberfest – a scientific and educational Olympiad
Science Octoberfest - a scientific and educational Olympiad for Elabuga students, which has already become traditional.
Last year, about 800 Elabuga ninth-graders took part in it. This year the winners of the Olympiad entered targeted programs implemented under an agreement between the SEZ "Alabuga" and the Elabuga Polytechnic College. Education has the dual education system: three days a week they study Federal State Educational Standard programs (Russian language, history, etc.), three days a week they are on the territory of the SEZ and they acquire practical skills in working with equipment from leading SEZ engineers.

This year Science Octoberfest will include 1,700 students in grades 8 and 9 of Yelabuga.  Children will visit factories, which are residents of the SEZ, where they will see the work of chemistry, mechatronics, industrial control engineers and electrical engineering.  During the olympiad tasks, schoolchildren will have their logical and mathematical thinking measured. Teachers of the target industrial and educational center of the SEZ Alabuga will conduct master classes.
The Olympiad will be held from October 7 to 28. 100 Elabuga district students will become full-fledged participants in the career guidance and olympiad program. Following the Olympiad, 200 best students will receive prizes and will be able to continue further participation in educational projects of the Alabuga SEZ.
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