Командно-лидерские турниры
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Special Day in AIS
March the 7th turned out to be a special day in AIS. It was filled with bright emotions, fun and festive atmosphere. Happy faces of parents and students just emphasized the significance and importance of the event celebrated – it was the Family Day.
An incredible tension with emotions running high was experienced by the male family members during a fellow football match. The moms got energized with positive feelings while playing a pioneer ball. However the emphasis of Family Day was not on competition, but on parents-students interaction through participation in sporting games and festive concert that involved solo performances of students and teachers as well as family numbers.
The festivities that lasted until evening was an opportunity for AIS families to relax and socialize in an informal setting, while speciаlly arranged space with the family photos - «Family Wall» enabled every family to share the bright and happy moments of their life with the entire school community.
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