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How to enter AIS?

Visit our School

We are pleased to welcome you to visit AIS and meet our teaching staff. Please book a "School tour" by completing an application form or phone us.

School is open from 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

  • Address: 1 Nord Drive, «Tri Medvedya» Cottage Settlement, Alabuga
  • Tel.: +7 (85557) 5-34-05

Admissions Interviewing

Before being admitted all children are personally interviewed by the AIS teachers. Admissions interviews are required to assess abilities and aptitudes of a child and define certain measures for the effective acquisition of curriculum content.

School Admission

Required Documents

In order to sign a contract after the Interview the following documents shall be submitted:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Insurance Certificate
  • Child’s Health Insurance Policy
  • Identification Documents (Passports) of both parents
  • Taxpayer Identification Number of a parent signing a Contract
  • Certificate of Child Health Examination No 026/u-2000
  • 2 photos of the size 3×4 (to get a gate pass)
  • Medical Certificates (feces analysis on helminth eggs, scraping for enterobiasis)

In case of the student’s transfer from another school the following shall be submitted:

  • Educational Record
  • Documents containing information on the student’s progress during current academic year (an extract from the Class Register with the current marks and results of midterm assessment), stamped by the original school and signed by the Head teacher thereof (a person authorised by him).

Most students are enrolled to AIS in September however they can join the school throughout the school year as well, subject to availability of places.

To get detailed information on admissions process please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Follow-up information is available in Contact Us section.