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Welcome day

During the year, we hold several open days for those wishing to enter. The nearest dates are June 23,  July 21 and August 18. Those wishing to visit the school are invited to 10.00.


The nearest interview and test dates for admission to the school are June 25, July 23 and August 20 of 2020. You are kindly requested to register for the open house by phone 8 (85557) 5 34 05 or apply through an e-form. 

Admission to school of children from 3 years is carried out according to the results of an individual interview with a teacher and a psychologist. At the interview of children 3-4 years old, we identify the abilities and inclinations of the child to determine a set of activities for the best assimilation of early development programs. From the age of 5 years, the ability to perceive information in English is a prerequisite for admission, logical and mathematical tests are also conducted.

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We accept children only if there are free seats in the classrooms.